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Tree Service for Albany, NY

With 25 years of experience, we have provided Albany, NY with expert stump removal and other tree services.  We have the ability to help with large and small tree service needs. We also own all equipment necessary and will not charge you a rental fee as many of our competitors do. 

At JJ’s Professional Tree Service and Stump Removal Inc., we want to offer you the lowest rate along with the highest quality in tree and stump services. Whatever tree service you need, we will deliver prompt, skilled and affordable results. We do our best to preserve the health and beauty of your trees whenever possible.

Offering Tree Stump Removal & Land Clearing Services for the Albany, NY area!

If your trees are looking dry, weak, old, or lacking in leaves, they may be dying. If you having a dying tree in your lawn, don't risk having it fall and damage your home or property. Instead, let the team at JJ's Professional Tree Service provide you with tree removal service as well as tree stump removal & land clearing services. 

You Can Find Affordable Tree Removal Costs With Us

When it comes to tree removal costs, they can rise very quickly. With JJ's Professional Tree Service and Stump Removal Inc, you can count on affordable tree removal costs and high quality services. Give us a call today to find out more on our tree service costs.

Tree Removal

Don’t risk personal injury or property damage trying to remove a tree. Trust in us for tree removal service. We have the highest skilled tree service team in the Albany area.
Our tree removal service is insured by New York State and is available 24/7. We take proper precaution when removing a tree that is over and around your house or in a power line. We have top of the line tree removal equipment which includes 100-foot crane, bucket truck and whole tree chipper. This is why it is best to hire a professional team like ours.

Tree Stump Removal

When we remove a stump, we will always keep you informed of our plan of action.
Tree stump removal is not as easy as it may seem, as gas lines and water pipes could be damaged. We know that dying stumps in your yard, while a nuisance, are still a part of your property and we make sure you understand and approve every step we take to eradicate your stump or tree. With our tree stump removal service, we use only the latest tools to ensure the work is done as efficient and effective as possible.
Yet another way JJ’s Professional Tree Service and Stump Removal Inc. team saves you money is with our fire wood service. Once completed your tree removal service, we can also provide you with cuts and splits of the old tree for firewood kindling. We will offer you both split and bulk firewood.
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